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Why Sleep Is Important If You Want To Lose Weight!

The 3 important pillars for a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise, healthy eating and adequate rest, in which sleep plays an essential role. For everyone, but especially for people who exercise regularly, sleeping well should not be underestimated.

During the night’s sleep , your body recovers the damaged cells and tissues and your battery is recharged for the next day. That sleep is extremely important to you, you will not be surprised, but did you know that sleep also helps with weight loss ? Read more on herbalsdaily website

4 reason why sleep is important!

1. With little sleep you have more appetite for food


Sleep affects the production of various hormones in your body. The two hormones that play a major role in your hunger are leptin and ghrelin. The hormone leptin is produced by your fat cells and plays a role in suppressing your hunger. The hormone ghrelin is secreted by your stomach wall and does the opposite, namely stimulating your hunger.

A lack of sleep causes your body to produce less leptin and more ghrelin, resulting in more need for food. On the other hand, it is also the case that your hunger feeling decreases when you sleep well enough.

2. Sleep reduces the production of cortisol

Cortisol , which is also called the ‘stress hormone’, plays a major role in the storage of fat. When you often suffer from stress , your body produces a large amount of cortisol. You should try to prevent this, with a high level of cortisol your body is capable of storing fat and losing weight is extremely difficult.

Good sleep helps to reduce cortisol levels in your blood while lack of sleep raises cortisol levels correctly. Besides stimulating a good night’s sleep , it is important to relax more often to reduce cortisol production. Go out with friends more often, read a book or take a long walk in the fresh air.

3. Sleep stimulates production of growth hormone

During your sleep, your body produces a large amount of growth hormone . The growth hormone stimulates, as the name actually says, growth. It is responsible for repairing cells and tissues and ensures that your body responds to fat reserves for producing energy . When your body produces a lot of growth hormone, this is extremely beneficial, it causes fat burning , but also stimulates the recovery of your muscles .

4. Recovery of sport

Exercising regularly is extremely important if you want to lose weight, but rest is at least as important. When you exercise, your muscles become slightly damaged, your body then needs time to repair the damaged muscle cracks. When you sleep well and deeply, this recovery is optimal.

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