Straighten your curly beard

There is nothing worse than having a so-called ‘bad hair day’; unless you have a beard. A bad beard day is bad for your charisma, confidence and beard. Normal curly hairs are seen as attractive and give the impression of youth and health. That is not all, however, because men with a curly beard are blessed with the choice to keep their beard curly or straight. Men with straight beards never have this advantage.

Curly beards also look fuller and more luxurious than straight. However, there are also a number of problems associated with that same fullness, such as tangling, texture and hygiene. When those curly locks grow out of your face, it is a different story. When a natural coarse beard curls, you can eventually get a messy hair mass. There are many different types of beard hair and some hair textures are naturally unmanageable.

Disadvantages of a curly beard

Beard of course straightenAs we mentioned, a curly beard is associated with a number of problems. Curly beards need more time to grow longer than straight beards. Although each beard grows about 1 to 1.5 cm per month, the problem is with a curly beard that it grows in circles. When a curly beard is 15 cm long, a straight beard will be three times as long. Although a straight beard keeps growing down, a curly beard will continue to grow in circles, making it look shorter.

In addition to the length, knots and tangles are another problem for men with a curly beard. The fuller and coarser your beard is, the more problems you will have with tangles. This happens when some facial hairs grow in other hairs. Knots and tangles often create a problem when you try to apply beard oil because it is almost impossible to distribute the oil evenly.

Using a beard comb or brush to remove the knots and tangles can also damage your beard if you do it too aggressively. The result of your beard can not properly comb, is that your facial hair can become very rough and you can get bothered by split ends.

Finally, bacteria, dirt and germs can also easily transfer from your beard to your skin because the hairs are closer to the skin. As a result, you may suffer from acne, pimples and blackheads.

Knowing what all the disadvantages of curly beards are is important, because it shows that you have to learn how to take care of it in the right way. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that a curly beard has to offer.