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Some Treatment Options For Menopause

Up to 2003, in the Netherlands, but especially in our neighboring countries, hormonal agent treatment was typically recommended for ladies with menopausal signs, given the numerous advantages and couple of disadvantages. A large examination from the USA altered that. We looked at results from a research study in which this hormone treatment was offered to ladies with or without menopausal symptoms however to prevent heart disease. This group of ladies can not be compared to the Dutch female with menopausal signs.

Repercussions of research study

It was presumed that the hormone drugs might prevent cardiovascular disease as well as dementia, however that was not the case. However, it appeared that ladies who had long-lasting use of this hormonal treatment were slightly more likely to develop breast cancer (see negative effects when using hormonal agents) however this phenomenon just begins playing after 5 years of utilizing a combination of estrogens and progesterone. It appears that just estrogens do not have this effect.

Due to big items (articles) in the newspapers and reports to general practitioners and pharmacists as an outcome of this research study, in 2003 about 75% of the females who took the medication stopped it.

Which means are offered for menopausal signs?

Hormonal agents in the form of estrogens and progesterone (if a lady has no uterus, just estrogenic hormonal agents are sufficient). Find out more about hormonal treatments here.

Alternative to hormone drugs; such a medicine contains no hormonal agents, however assists (partially) to lower the negative effects of the loss of hormones. A great deal of research study has actually been done into the regularly utilized alternatives. Learn more about options to hormonal medications here.

Non-hormonal medicines; they are medicines that are used for other problems, however likewise treat menopausal symptoms as a negative effects; they are tablets against increased high blood pressure or against epilepsy and tablets for anxiety (see likewise Clonidine, Gabapentin and Prozac). Depending on the type of medication, it is effective in about 25% to 75% of ladies with menopausal signs. This kind of medication is used more frequently by ladies who are not permitted or want to swallow hormonal agents, for example females with breast cancer. Find out more about other medications and implies for treating menopausal symptoms.

Plant resources: these drugs contain weakly operating estrogenic hormones; the results are typically very little and not shown. Learn more about other medicines and implies for treating menopausal symptoms.

Medications for vaginal problems

The problems about thin and dry skin and/ or urinary problems are treated with an extremely weak estrogen hormonal agent that just impacts the sheath and does not impact the rest of the body (synapause/ vagifem). When utilized only in sheath, the threat of breast cancer is not present.

Alternative methods for relief of dryness are suggests with hyaluronic acid which are readily available in tablet kind for vaginal use or in gel kind with vaginal insertion sleeve (Hyalofemme or PremenoDuo). A lubricant can also be utilized in the neighborhood (with a silicone base working longer than on water basis). However this is frequently less pleasurable in the long run.

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