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Do you burn more fat by training on an empty stomach?

In 1988 a study was published looking at the effect of a meal on energy consumption during exercise. The energy consumption was examined during exertion before a meal and just after a meal. There was no difference in the total amount of energy consumed. However, the participants burned more fat with an empty stomach compared to athletes who had recently eaten. The meal for exercise did not result in a higher energy consumption, but that less fat was burned [1]. The conclusion of this research has led many athletes to decide to train on an empty stomach, with the intention of burning fat and losing weight. But how complete and recent is this research. Is exercise on an empty stomach now so sensible? And does this method really work? Below you will find an answer.

The short answer: despite the fact that you burn more fats with an effort on an empty stomach, this does not mean that you burn more calories – and you will probably not be able to lose weight faster by training on an empty stomach. In addition, exercising on an empty stomach has a negative effect on performance.

Energy consumption

Just back to the basics: to lose weight it is important to create a negative energy balance. This can be done simply in three ways: by eating less, or more exercise; or of course a combination of both. Training in itself has a positive effect on energy combustion, but does it also make sense to run around in the morning without breakfast? B


Cortisol, also called hydrocortisone, belongs to the glucocorticoids. These adrenal cortex hormones affect the glucose balance in the body [3] . The release is associated with stress. Cortisol production is increased if the body is subject to stress. By this I mean not only mental stress, but also an increased physical load. The cortisol concentration in the blood depends on the athlete’s load; the greater the load, the greater the separation.

Cortisol causes the blood sugar concentration in the blood plasma to increase, and is therefore a functional hormone: the body needs extra glucose in stress situations. Cortisol also inhibits glucose uptake by the cells, resulting in more glucose in the blood. In addition, it promotes the production of glucose in the liver and muscles. To make this possible, glucose formation (gluconeogenesis) takes place from glycerol and lactic acid, but also from amino acids. Cortisol inhibits protein formation and promotes the breakdown of proteins, especially in the muscles, so that amino acids are released for gluconeogenesis [3] . This is something that you do not strive for with training; what you want is that the amino acids are used for protein synthesis (muscle recovery) and that the blood sugar is burned as an energy source.

In summary, cortisol causes the blood sugar level to rise, by breaking down proteins , among other things .

Furthermore, training on an empty stomach stimulates the release of cortisol, which can lead to the breakdown of proteins in the muscles. The best thing for the activity is to consume a carbohydrate-rich meal in order to build up an optimal carbohydrate supply. I recommend taking a meal with a cardio workout for up to two hours before the workout. This is because of the risk of gastrointestinal complaints. Up to one hour before exercise, you can eat a lightly digestible snack, such as a piece of fruit, a bowl of yogurt or a sandwich [4]. People who do expensive or interval training should ideally eat earlier than two hours in advance. When practicing strength training, it will not be a problem for many to eat warm up to an hour before the workout.

Get men’s breasts away in a natural way

Older men come into contact with it more often. But it also happens to younger men. Most men are already dealing with obesity. But overweight is not a requirement to suffer from male breasts. What are men’s boobs actually? How do they arise? And how do we get rid of it for god’s sake? It destroys self-confidence in men. Getting breasts as a man is something that nobody is waiting for.

Breast formation in young men

We see it mainly in teenagers who are just in puberty. Due to a strong increase in male hormone, there is also a strong rise in female hormone. This often leads to male breasts in these teenagers. They therefore do not always suffer from a few kilos too much. No, in teenagers it is more about a change that takes place in metabolism.

The liver has to adjust and still has to be able to defuse this estrogen in the right way. This form of male breasts will disappear automatically over the years once the body has adapted to the new situation. We do not have to worry about that. Of course, the resources we are discussing here in this article can also help. If you want to quickly undo this form of breast formation in young men.

Breast formation in older men

When men grow older, less and less male hormone is produced. Thus a less favorable ratio is observed between the male and female hormones in the body. This firstly results in a lower libido. But can also provide men’s breasts for certain men.

The biggest problem here is prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that is produced in high amounts in pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Too high a conversion of testosterone to estrogen can also prevent men from producing more prolactin. This increase in prolactin can help the breast tissue to become more sensitive to estrogen. This will therefore ensure that breast formation occurs.

To stop these men’s breasts it is of course important that we lose weight. Although it does not always have to do with overweight. We can have a perfectly normal weight, but still suffer from male breasts.

We have seen this in teenagers. In order to get rid of male breasts, we must therefore use means that will block the aromatase. Means that block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. And better yet, means that the hormone prolactin will block. Although when we can block the total estrogen, we will automatically have lower prolactin levels in the body.

Assymetric male breasts

asymmetric male breastsSo it may just as well happen that we have to deal with asymmetrical male breasts. That means that one breast is larger than the other. That is because one breast tissue is more sensitive to estrogen. And the other breast responds less to that.

Lost men’s breasts with turmeric

Turmeric is an excellent herb to tackle this problem. turmeric will make the breasts less sensitive to female hormones.

Block estrogen

Turmeric may block the estrogen receptors located in the cells of the breast tissue. This has even been demonstrated in women who suffer from breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs especially when too much estrogen attaches itself to the cells in the breasts. One could demonstrate through studies that turmeric can be very effective in blocking these estrogen cells.

So we can certainly extend this to male breasts. They do not suffer from breast cancer. But also have to deal with estrogen in the breast tissue. By using turmeric we can therefore make these estrogens harmless. In most cases this can be enough to solve the problems for good. When this occurs in combination with overweight, it is also recommended to lose weight. When we accumulate excess weight, more testosterone will be lost. And we also get an increased chance of getting men’s breasts.


Turmeric will also help in another way. The herb is known as anti-inflammatory. That means when too much testosterone is converted to estrogen, we have to deal with an increased number of inflammations in the body. Turmeric can therefore also help to reduce that conversion.

Stimulate liver

In addition, there is another great advantage associated with the use of turmeric. It will not only help to remove men’s breasts by blocking the estrogen. But it will also stimulate the liver and help to ensure that that liver can better neutralize the estrogen. In this way there will already be less estrogen present in the body. This again lowers the chance that it will attach to the breast tissue.

Eliminate male breasts with turmeric!

Many men are dealing with male breasts and female breast formation. Especially as one gets older, the chance of these men’s breasts increases. These are breasts of men, shaped like the breasts of women. There are many factors that can play a role in the development of male breasts.

Among other things :

Poorly functioning liver
Anabolic steroids
Hormones that are not in balance
Genetic predisposition

However, it often happens that we go to our doctor with the problem. An investigation is then carried out to check whether our hormones have become unbalanced. Then we can come to the conclusion that our hormones are in balance.

That is, the comparison between our testosterone and estrogen seems normal. The cause of the male breasts can not therefore be directly attributed to an incorrect balance between our sexual sex hormones.

Breast tissue more sensitive to estrogen

Yet male breasts can still be a result of a wrong balance in the hormones. Even though this has not been determined by a doctor in the research carried out. This is because the tissue in the breasts may be more sensitive to estrogen. This can not be investigated and will not be noticed by the doctor during the examinations.

The breast tissue will therefore react more easily to estrogen and in this way will make the male breasts. For this reason one can have a normal estrogen, but still have male breasts, because the estrogen in the breast cells is easily absorbed.

To prevent this, we can use turmeric. Turmeric will block this estrogen sensitivity in the breast cells. This will ensure that they will have less talent for creating male breasts.

The effect of turmeric is very strong. It is compared with the drug tamoxifen. This is a medicine that is prescribed because of its anti-estrogenic capacities.

However, there is a big difference between the herb and tamoxifen. Because we will not have to deal with the negative effects of the drug tamoxifen. In addition, no prescription is required from a doctor to use turmeric. And turmeric will protect and cleanse the liver. Instead of damaging the liver as the medicine tamoxifen. Visit Oh My Moobs for more details on gynecomastia.