Tips For Eating Without Sugar!

Healthy eating , how do you do that exactly? Of course there are countless factors that you can take into account, but fortunately there are a few measures that can improve your health in one go – and eating without sugar is one of them! How do you bring your sugar consumption down as easily as possible? In this blog post a few useful tips.

Eating less sugar?

First of all, it is important to know why it is smart to eat without sugar, because if you do not understand why you are introducing a certain measure, it will of course be difficult to keep up! So what exactly is the problem with sugar? In short: it does a lot of bad things with your body.

First of all, sugars give substantial fluctuations in your blood sugar levels . This makes your body a lot of insulin to control your blood sugar level again. Precisely these sugar peaks ensure that you get huge appetite later in the day, in even more sugars!

The big disadvantage of these sugars is that you actually work them indiscriminately. You get a lot of calories inside, but a feeling of satiety remains. For example, sugars play an enormous role in obesity worldwide.

Sugar also contains no useful nutrients such as minerals , vitamins and antioxidants . It is mainly a source of unhealthy calories for your body. If you want to lose weight – and improve your health – then you better let the sugars stand!

Cook yourself

Eating without sugar appears to be a challenge in our current society, and the main reason for this is that food manufacturers put it virtually everywhere. Ready-made meals are an unexpected culprit for many people. All those stews and salads seem very healthy? Unfortunately, appearances are deceiving.

The best way to eat healthier food is to cook as often as possible. After all, you know exactly what will and will not disappear in your food! Find a piece or fifteen delicious and easy recipes , that’s how you get through most of the time. Or even make your own ‘ready-made meals’ by cooking large portions and freezing parts.

Products without sugar

Even if you cook yourself, you will still have to pay attention to what you buy. Sugar is in the craziest products: savory sauces, soups , breads … they are all seasoned with this unhealthy sweetener. Always look at the ingredients when you do your shopping.

Sugar hides among the craziest names on these lists, but in general you can assume that everything with ‘sugar’, ‘syrup’, ‘syrup’ or ‘glucose’ can stay better in your kitchen. The best thing is of course to buy as many unprocessed products as possible: then you always know for sure that nothing funny has happened to your food.

Two weeks of eating without sugar

Many people quickly notice that they suffer from ” binge eating ” when they start eating less sugar: suddenly they get irresistible appetite for sweet . This is a clear symptom of a sugar addiction . Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get rid of that, and the best thing is to just eat ‘cold turkey’ for two weeks without sugar.

White grain products and juices can also best be replaced in that period by whole-wheat varieties and smoothies , which contain more fiber . After those two weeks you will notice that all that sweetness is not really that much like that anymore – there is a good chance that your taste will adjust, so you will not appreciate much more sweetly.

Why Sleep Is Important If You Want To Lose Weight!

The 3 important pillars for a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise, healthy eating and adequate rest, in which sleep plays an essential role. For everyone, but especially for people who exercise regularly, sleeping well should not be underestimated.

During the night’s sleep , your body recovers the damaged cells and tissues and your battery is recharged for the next day. That sleep is extremely important to you, you will not be surprised, but did you know that sleep also helps with weight loss ? Read more on herbalsdaily website

4 reason why sleep is important!

1. With little sleep you have more appetite for food


Sleep affects the production of various hormones in your body. The two hormones that play a major role in your hunger are leptin and ghrelin. The hormone leptin is produced by your fat cells and plays a role in suppressing your hunger. The hormone ghrelin is secreted by your stomach wall and does the opposite, namely stimulating your hunger.

A lack of sleep causes your body to produce less leptin and more ghrelin, resulting in more need for food. On the other hand, it is also the case that your hunger feeling decreases when you sleep well enough.

2. Sleep reduces the production of cortisol

Cortisol , which is also called the ‘stress hormone’, plays a major role in the storage of fat. When you often suffer from stress , your body produces a large amount of cortisol. You should try to prevent this, with a high level of cortisol your body is capable of storing fat and losing weight is extremely difficult.

Good sleep helps to reduce cortisol levels in your blood while lack of sleep raises cortisol levels correctly. Besides stimulating a good night’s sleep , it is important to relax more often to reduce cortisol production. Go out with friends more often, read a book or take a long walk in the fresh air.

3. Sleep stimulates production of growth hormone

During your sleep, your body produces a large amount of growth hormone . The growth hormone stimulates, as the name actually says, growth. It is responsible for repairing cells and tissues and ensures that your body responds to fat reserves for producing energy . When your body produces a lot of growth hormone, this is extremely beneficial, it causes fat burning , but also stimulates the recovery of your muscles .

4. Recovery of sport

Exercising regularly is extremely important if you want to lose weight, but rest is at least as important. When you exercise, your muscles become slightly damaged, your body then needs time to repair the damaged muscle cracks. When you sleep well and deeply, this recovery is optimal.